You Are in a White Room: Part Three


Well, sailors, we are four weeks into my voyage with the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop and three weeks into my horror serial. As your captain, I feel it would be amiss not to warn you that my old map states here be monsters. Well, it is a little hard to read. It may say ‘monsters.’ Or ‘robots.’ Or ‘plum pudding.’ Probably, monsters though. In any case, there are no life boats. Whiskey is below deck. And now, for Part III…

But first, click Part I or Part II if you have missed the lead-up.



You have been screaming for a very long time. You are screaming because you can’t remember if you made a tally mark next to the door when you woke up. You think you forgot, but how could you forget? You must have remembered; you must have remembered. You don’t know. You scream again, but your vocal chords are so raw that no sound comes out. Shaking, crying, you try to get a hold of yourself. You decide to turn around for the third time to count the tally marks, because maybe if you count them, you will remember. You turn around and your chest squeezes so tightly your heart misses a beat. The door to the room is open.


Stay tuned for Part IV next week.

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16 thoughts on “You Are in a White Room: Part Three

  1. Kim Magennis says:

    I don’t know which is worse! Closed? Open!


  2. This reads like a very scary descent into madness. Well done!


  3. Wow, the ending of the snippet is heart stopping!!! This story is so spooky and scary but I’m really enjoying it.


  4. This is not an average story. No way, no how. So what happens next this writer cries.


  5. Cara Bristol says:

    Powerful. The use of the second person voice works well in this story.


  6. Ed Hoornaert says:

    Madness, yes. Perhaps a white ‘padded’ room? If she weren’t mad before, she may be soon.


  7. Alexis Duran says:

    Whoa.. creepy, scary, compelling. This snippet’s got it all going on.


  8. Amalie says:

    Loving it! The monotony induced madness disrupted by the shock of realizing something has changed. Can’t wait to see where this one goes!


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