You Are in a White Room: Part Ten


10857838_601218143341730_5755293110468344287_n.pngThis is the final installment of my serial which I have been posting in conjunction with the Weekend Writing Warriors blog hop. If you aren’t familiar with the hop, click the link to check out what other writers are doing.

To my fellow Warriors, do any of you know of any similar hops out there?  I have been enjoying this one so much. I would love to spread out and join a few more. Let me know in the comments! Also, please note that I posted last week’s installment late, so read Part Nine first if you missed it.

Here are the links to the previous posts if you need to catch up: Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV, Part V, Part VI, Part VII, Part VIII, and Part IX. And, here we go…



You are in a white room. You have just responded to a query on a computer screen by acknowledging that you are in fact there, though you have no idea where there is. The computer screen now reads, “Are you okay?” and when you assure it you are, even though you do not believe those words yourself, it responds by reminding you that you are a doctor, a doctor who performed an experimental self-surgery this very morning. The computer reads, “Sounds like you’ve made it. You’ve reached the deepest layer of subconsciousness, doc. Now, take the stairway back up.” You look around but you already know there is no stairway, in that room, in the hall, in the small white rooms off the hall. “There is no stairway,” you type. The computer responds by asking you to repeat yourself, and when type frantically once more, “There is no stairway,” the computer turns off. Staring at the black screen you realize, you should not have gone to work today.

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7 thoughts on “You Are in a White Room: Part Ten

  1. This just gets more and more intriguing. At least it’s possible to converse with the computer, though it’s not giving very satisfactory answers!

    I’d like to know about other blog hops too! I love this one but I could probably squeeze in one more on a different day.


  2. Author Jessica E. Subject says:

    Uh oh! That one connection with someone else is now gone. Love it!

    I also participate in Mid Week Tease, and My Sexy Saturday.


  3. That….was…COOL. Really enjoyed it!!!


  4. Outstanding! What a cool twist at the end. 🙂

    There is the Snippet Sunday group on facebook.


  5. Ed Hoornaert says:

    ‘you should not have gone to work today’. I felt that way a lot, even though nothing like White Room ever happened to me.


  6. Okay, performing surgery on yourself is a little zany. And sounds like it was a really bad idea.


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