Jessica Hanna have been alive two thousand seventeen years. She has spent some of them growing up next to a graveyard in Connecticut, a few dodging the blizzards of Vermont, another few wandering the continent in various vehicles, and has since perhaps settled down in New York City. During this journey, she discovered sunshine. Have you? The discovery floored her and led to several long poems, a few country songs, and an in-depth study of the scientific attributes of our nearest star. She has since married and birthed two boys, whom she homeschools with some diligence. She has since turned her attention to the moon. Someone quite close to her told her the moon was in Pieces on the date of her birth, and though she has not deciphered this message entirely, she has written much flash fiction, many short stories, and even a novel or two intending to get to the bottom of it. She will post the question as soon as she hears it.


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